Ed Lichtig is an avid golfer, father of two, and dedicated husband. When not spending time with family, Edwin Lichtig is running GSL Advisory, a Lafayette, California-based marketing company for financial planners. Like many golfers, Ed Lichtig strives to improve his putting tempo.

The tempo of the putter is determined by how fast a putter moves back and through the ball. A quick tempo means the putter is moving back and through at a fast pace. In order to create a good putting stroke, the player must learn to move the putter at a consistent speed. The result will be more control and more successful putts.

Players can practice their tempo by trying to hit putts at a specified distance. One drill to practice this can be done using two tees. Put the tees in the ground about 18 inches apart, then move 10 feet from the tees. Place three balls on the green, and attempt to hit each so they stop between the tees. The player will naturally adjust to putts hit too far or too short by changing the tempo of the putter. The result will be a consistently smooth tempo that helps the player make more putts on a regular basis.

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